Diesel Wynwood Residences

Welcome to Diesel Wynwood Residences

148 NW 28th, Street, Miami, Fl 33127

Description of Diesel Wynwood Residences

Unapologetic architecture meets playful design inside this distinctive addition to Wynwood’s core. This bold new building reflects the industrial history of Miami’s artistic and cultural epicenter embracing the visual audacity of the vivid murals that put Wynwood on the map.

The steel pillars of the tower allow pedestrians to flow beneath and around the building, creating an outdoor piazza for free expression of art and commerce, air, and light. Overhead, neon structural beams form an iconic symbol that highlights the building’s uniqueness and gives a glimpse into the unconventional design found within.

The vibrancy of the building connects with the energy of the neighborhood and grabs the attention of passersby. As one of the first condominium buildings in the area, Diesel Wynwood will help cement the neighborhood as an active, exciting place not only to dine and shop but now also to live.

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