Why Listing Your Home On MLS Matters

Why Listing Your Home On MLS Matters

  • Kimberly Rodstein
  • 04/5/23

When you list Surfside real estate for sale and begin working with a licensed, experienced agent, you’ll need to become familiar with many terms and phrases that might be newer. Even if you’ve sold a home before, it doesn’t hurt to get reacclimated to the terminology so that you clearly understand everything that goes on in the process.

What is the MLS?

One of the first things you’ll hear about after hiring a skilled agent is the Multiple Listing Service or MLS. The MLS is a private database that is created and maintained by a local community of real estate brokers and agents and serves as a crucial part of the traditional homebuying and selling process. It originated as a way for brokers to share listings to help match buyers with available properties.

Many brokers and agents now share this marketing tool with their clients through their own websites. While there are several major real estate websites available to the public, the MLS is considered to be by far the most accurate and the industry standard. And while anyone can click through online listings on their own, it helps immensely to work with a local real estate agent who has a deep knowledge of the market and knows how to find the best buyer for your home. That is what will result in a fast sale for top dollar.

Hire an agent

First, of course, you need to hire an agent to have your home listed on the MLS. Look specifically for a Surfside realtor who has spent several years assisting clients close deals for their waterfront homes or luxury condos. An agent who has extensive experience in Surfside knows how to find high-end buyers who favor luxury real estate that will allow them to live the South Florida lifestyle in class and comfort.

As you interview agents, ask how they will market your home. The South Florida housing market remains strong for many reasons, including the variety of luxury homes available. With a median home price over one million, you’ll want to work with a talented agent like Kimberly Rodstein, who will put her 25 years in the market to work to get you the biggest offer in the shortest amount of time.

Best exposure

Once you’ve hired an agent, it’s time to get working on an online listing. The majority of buyers begin their search online, so you’ll want the widest exposure possible. That happens in two ways. The MLS can be accessed only by licensed professionals, which means agents for buyers will be on the lookout for desired properties, like the one you are selling, that they can show to their clients. The MLS makes your home visible to serious buyers, including investors, and thus increases the likelihood of a great offer. Additionally, many public websites are fed by a local MLS, which means your listing will be available to many buyers at once, including people who live out of state and even overseas.

The MLS is more accurate

The MLS is considered to be the most accurate of all the real estate databases available. It is created and used by professionals, so it has strict rules that brokers and agents must follow to use the service. Buyers who can view listings on the MLS will only see residences that are currently on the market. Other websites often still list properties as being available even after they have sold or been taken off the market. That can waste a buyer’s time and leave them frustrated.

The MLS also has far more information than other websites and has information that is not available to the general public but is relevant to realtors and the buyers they represent. The average MLS listing has more than 300 fields for information and photos of the property, while other sites are limited to 50 to 80 fields. That alone is a huge advantage to buyers wanting to find out as much as they can about properties before viewing them.

Sellers can be assured that their homes are being represented truthfully on the MLS due to the various rules and regulations that cover things such as the quality and number of photographs in the listing. Listings are also checked for the accuracy of specific details such as the home’s location, square footage, and much more. Buyers will feel secure in knowing that homes are portrayed accurately and will have the confidence to put in an offer.

A professional network

When listing a home for sale on the MLS, agents and their clients are entering a network that includes pretty much every other agent in the area. Agents and their clients benefit from the fact that the MLS was created for the good of everyone involved and that there is much to gain through collaboration. The overall beneficiaries are sellers who will receive a lot of interest in their homes, including receiving multiple offers quickly.

Part of an overall marketing strategy

The MLS is essentially the cornerstone of a smart marketing scheme. While there are certainly other tools at an agent’s disposal, such as open houses and postings on various social media channels, the MLS is by far the most powerful marketing tool available. Many agents will have access to the listing for your Surfside real estate, which in turn increases your chances for a successful sale. Most importantly, an MLS listing gets your property in front of high-end buyers looking for a specific luxury home.

Get going today

Having a solid understanding of the MLS will give you a head start once you decide to list your Surfside home for sale. Hiring the right agent is important to get the most out of the process, and you can count on Kimberly Rodstein to deliver the best client services in the market. Reach out to Kimberly when you’re ready to list your home.

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