The Best (And Worst) Days to List Your Home For Sale

The Best (And Worst) Days to List Your Home For Sale

  • Kimberly Rodstein
  • 10/22/22

Bal Harbour is one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in the entire Miami Beach area. The village is well-known for its beaches, shops, and resorts. If you’re getting ready to list Bal Harbour real estate for sale, you may have talked with a realtor and looked over a CMA, but you likely haven’t thought about the specific day or time when you’ll put your home on the market. This article will help you think about how you can increase your profits by listing your home for sale at the best possible time.

1. When is the best day of the week to list a home for sale?

There are two theories about the best day of the week to list a home. Some realtors prefer to list a home early in the week, since this gives potential buyers several days to schedule a weekend showing. Other realtors think it’s best to put a home on the market closer to the weekend, because many people don’t have time to check for new listings during the work week. With this in mind, listing a home on Thursday gives you the best chance to appeal to both crowds. If you list your home on Thursday, you won’t fall too far down the list by the time weekend shoppers check for new listings on Friday. You’ll also give weeknight shoppers enough time to schedule a weekend showing or make plans to attend an open house.

2. When is the worst day to list a home?

Most experts agree that you shouldn’t list a home on a Sunday. Open houses often take place on Sunday, which means potential buyers are busy seeing homes in person and probably won’t have time to check for new online listings. Even if they do see your home pop up as a new listing, they probably won’t have time to come and see the property until the following weekend. For the same reasons, Monday is also a day that you probably want to avoid.

3. When is the best time of year to list a home?

Usually, sellers make more money when they sell a home during the late spring or early summer. If you have some flexibility, try to have your home ready to go on the market before the end of April. By this point in time, many people have received their tax refund and can use the extra cash to fund their down payment. This is also the ideal time for families with school-aged children to shop for a home. If they buy a home in May or June, they don’t have to pull their kids out of school if they are relocating from out of town, and they will still have plenty of time to settle into their home before their kids return to school in the fall.

4. When is the worst time of year to list a home?

The market begins to slow down in August and September, and cools off substantially in October and November. By this point in time, many people are busy planning for holidays or driving their kids to school and to their extracurricular activities, which doesn’t leave much time to shop for homes. Homes will still sell during these months, but many sellers are forced to experiment with creative marketing strategies or price drops in order to attract more buyers.

5. What time of day should I list my home?

Earlier in this article, you learned that Thursday is arguably the best day to list a home for sale. This is common knowledge among most realtors, which creates a flood of new home listings first thing on Thursday morning. This negatively impacts some sellers, because their home is already on the second page of recent listings by the end of the workday on Thursday. Remember, most people don’t check for new listings until after they get off work. A better strategy is to post your new listing around 5pm on Thursday. This gives you a better chance of being at the top of the list when people check for new listings on Thursday evening.

6. If I choose to wait to sell my home, what can I do in the meantime?

If you’re going to wait a few months to put your home on the market, you can use the extra time to perform some renovations and repairs that will help your home stand out once it’s on the market. Two popular concerns among many of today’s buyers are energy efficiency and outdoor living spaces. Obviously, you can make your home more energy efficient by installing new appliances, and this will improve the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen and laundry room as well. If you would rather take a different approach, you can install new windows or replace your garage door. The end result is a home that is better insulated, and you won’t spend as much money to heat or cool your home during months where the temperatures outside are more extreme. As for your outdoor living spaces, make sure they have plenty of lighting, and if you don’t already have a deck or patio, this can be a worthwhile addition. Many people are looking for homes with a space to sit outside and enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, or where they share a meal at the end of the day with family and friends.

7. Who can help me sell my home?

When you decide you’re ready to list your home, reach out to Kimberly Rodstein. Her exceptional attitude and relentless work ethic have helped her become one of the top-producing agents in the entire Miami Beach area. She cares deeply for her clients, and she works tirelessly to help each person she works with earn the best possible deal when buying or selling Bal Harbour real estate. She would love to take your call, and she’s happy to answer any questions you have about buying or selling your home.

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