Miami Beach: Prime Real Estate in an International Hub

May 8th, 2013

Owning property and living in Miami Beach is a unique experience that truly reflects an urban lifestyle. It incorporates the luxury of easy access to the sun and beach while being able to participate in a world-class business and entertainment environment. In other words: living, working, and playing in a paradise.

The food, fashion, music, and luxury hotels and shops, combined with world- class art and entertainment, draw millions of visitors each year.  Miami Beach has a rich tradition of supporting the arts, entertainment and fine architecture. Over the last few decades world-renowned initiatives and programs have been developed that bring many to Miami Beach for just a single event.  Whether it is a special event, a film, art or a cultural festival, one of the many leading museums or theatres, or a glimpse at the latest fashions, Miami Beach has something for everyone. However, do not be fooled by the glamour the area has to offer, families and kids have many opportunities to explore the natural wonders of South Florida and enjoy the creative inspirations as well. Whether you seek the arts, classes, sports, museums, parks or animal adventure, Miami Beach has it all.

When it comes to restaurants and fine-dining Miami Beach features many highly acclaimed spots. The unique food and wine events draw quite a crowd. It includes the Food Network South Beach Wine and Food Festival, which offer visitors gastronomic delights from Todd English, or Wolfgang Puck to mention only two.

Those are a few of the fantastic events that residents, business owners and visitors can enjoy. But the residents of Miami Beach demand a quality of life that goes beyond just catering to the tourist. That is why in 2001, Miami Beach launched the “Planned Progress” program to rebuild streets, upgrade infrastructures, renovate and refurbish the city’s parks and entertainment venues. For the last decade, there has been a concerted effort to promote and develop Miami Beach businesses, which has successfully been attracting investors and entrepreneurs alike.

Both first and second homebuyers have been flocking to Miami Beach and for good reason. The desire to be near or on the ocean continues to grow steadily. The market throughout 2012 has steadily increased along with the number of bids on each property. Many argue that Miami Beach real estate has rebounded beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. According to (Real Estate News and Custom Data) Miami area home sales rose in September to the highest levels in six years. “The median price paid per square for resale single family detached houses, continued to rise in each of the area’s three counties in September…”

While the market in lower priced homes has not risen significantly, sales in the for homes in $200,00-$600,000 range rose 19 percent since 2011 and multi-million dollar homes rose 21 percent. 

Regardless of what type of home you are looking for, Miami Beach has it. There are over fourteen unique neighborhoods contained within the strip of coastal land known as Miami Beach including the famous Art Deco neighborhood offering both residents and visitors fine beaches, restaurants, unbeatable ambiance, luxury shops, hotels, night clubs, and live music.

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